We work with your school or business to assess your community’s health and wellness

Urban Farmacy is a wellness, entrepreneurship, and education organization that builds personalized food production programs for schools and businesses in the Bay Area

Our educators and designers work with your school, business, or community to assess your community’s health and wellness. Based on our findings we work with you to design a personalized food lab and curriculum in which participants will learn holistic health practices, grow food, and produce food and wellness products for your community.

Our Prescriptions

We work with your school to build an on-campus food production space integrated with a curriculum aligned with Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards and/or 21st Century Skills. Additionally, we focus on Inner Ecology and help develop students soft skills. Using established relationships with industry partners, Urban Farmacy will place your students in internships with companies in emerging fields. Urban Farmacy will also hire students having gone through our curriculum to maintain food production spaces we have built in the community.

Our designers will survey the nutritional health of your employees and work with your food service program to design a custom food production space that grows leafy greens, fresh herbs, berries and/or vine crops to address the health needs of your office community. We also offer to maintain your office’s new food production space as well as harvest and process the food produced in that space. Our food production spaces not only lead to significant cost-savings on food purchases but also a more socially conscious method of sourcing produce for your company.

Source: Urban Farmacy is a project of Earth Island Institute
Director: Eric Hager and AshEL Eldridge

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