WildFutures helps organizations and individuals advance their conservation goals

WildFutures provides essential tools and trainings for wildlife and habitat groups as well as other conservation organizations.

WildFutures is a non-profit organization providing services and training for organizations that work to advance carnivore and ecosystem protection. WildFutures, a project of Earth Island Institute, works to bridge the gap between science and conservation, finding collaborative ways to develop and implement effective conservation strategies

What We Do
WildFutures works to provide cost effective practical hands-on training, effective meetings, and essential resources to help organizations, groups, agencies, and scientists develop innovative and collaborative strategies. Read More

Who We Are
WildFutures is directed by Sharon Negri whose passion for wildlife and wild places has guided her work for the last 29 years. Read More

Source: WildFutures is a project of Earth Island Institute
Director: Sharon Negri

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Why support Us

WildFutures was created to help wildlife scientists and conservation groups develop innovative and collaborative strategies for achieving their important goals. This means that everything we do has a ripple effect that reaches far beyond one organization. In addition, since we have a very small staff, and extremely low overhead, donors can rest assured that their contributions are directly impacting wildlife conservation around the world.

WildFutures is very unusual in that it does not conduct ongoing fundraising, nor does it have a membership program. Foregoing these traditional methods of attracting financial support allows us to focus virtually all of our time and resources on providing essential services. But it means we must depend exclusively on foundations and key donors for our survival.

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