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More and more companies are managing sustainably to improve processes, pursue growth and add value.
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Consumers reward companies implementing environmental approach. The development of such practices is a subject of crucial importance not only for a company’s future, but also for current and future generations.

Sustainable Friends helps companies to promote their sustainable practices to consumers looking for sustainable tips advices, environment engagement, support for conservation projects, educational initiatives and sustainable products. Click here to add your brand's environmental practice to the Sustainable World Map.

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If your company manages a sustainable production process, Sustainable Friends is the marketing platform for you. Sustainable Friends platform offers a range of advertising packages to suit your needs, such as personalized articles, banners, video advertising and many other solutions.

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Population growth has determined an unsustainable impact on marine and land resources. Certifications of sustainable production practices allows environmentally awar consumers to reward those companies which respect the environment and reduce resources exploitation.

Friend of the Sea and Friend of the Earth are certification programs for products from sustainable fisheries, aquaculture, agriculture and farming.

Over 1000 products in more than 50 countries already carry the Friend of the Sea and Friend of the Earth seals of approval

For further information about certified products and certification criteria, visit the websites friendofthesea.org and friendoftheearth.org

Certification of Sustainable
Captured and Farmed Seafood Products
Certification of Sustainable
Agricultural and Livestock Farming Products

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