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Environmental Educational Projects

Have you developed an environmental project for students?

Sustainable Friends helps you to get visibility easily and promote your conservation project into schools. Create your profile and add your project to the Sustainable World Map. Or, if you wish to provide more visibility to your project on Sustainable Friends platform, contact us

Sustainable Friends interactive lessons
to learn conservation principles

Are you a teacher? Would you like to introduce your students to the world of fishing and aquaculture, agriculture and farming through the key topics of biodiversity, sustainable production methods and responsible consumption?

Friend of the Sea and Friend of the Earth teams have designed educative, interactive lessons to learn about environment conservation and responsible consumption. Informative material and gadgets are distributed to the students so that, once back home, they can tell others about the school workshop and the concepts learnt.

Teachers really appreciate this free of charge initiative, which provides an opportunity to introduce the new topic of sustainability to classes.

School lessons and laboratories play a very important role by educating future generations to responsible and sustainable life styles. Contact us to add your school.

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