Did you know that snails are endangered or threatened?

Slow, but disappearing fast. Help to save Italian Snails from extinction

The Museum of Natural History of the University of Florence in collaboration with Friend of the Earth – an international scheme for the certification of sustainable agricultural products  – has developed a project for the conservation of two endangered molluscs, endemic to Tuscany: the Xerosecta giustii and the Melanopsis etrusca.

These two mollusc species, endemic to Tuscany, are extremely vulnerable mainly due to their limited distribution and to the progressive destruction of their natural habitat.

The purpose of this innovative project is to take-off concrete actions for the protection of these two important elements of Italian biodiversity:

. investigations on biology and ecology of the species;
. studies on genetic variation among relict populations;
. planning protection actions for species habiat;
. set up of facilities for ex-situ breading of species;
. education and awareness raising activities;
. development of eco-friendly initiatives to valorization of territory and landscape and to increase ecoturism.

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