Are you a
Sustainable Friend?

Sustainable Friends connects people, organizations, schools, companies and activities to help the environment. It is a non-profit space where you can find what people are doing to help the environment around the world. Here you can find support for your conservation project or provide help to others, make people aware about an environmental issue in your city or neighbourhood, share information, green living tips and ideas to inspire people committed to environment.

Removing the barriers
between intention and action

Sustainable Friends provide a platform for people who care about environmental protection and our sustainable future to inform and inspire others and source support.

It is free to sign up, to add an initiative, and to contribute to an initiative. This is possible because contributors offer support, resources or contribute economically directly to the author.

Together for the
World’s Biodiversity

World Sustainability Organization

Protects critical habitats and endangered species globally through the sustainability certifications
Friend of the Sea and Friend of the Earth.

Certification of seafood products from sustainable fishing and aquaculture.

The Friend of the Sea logo on a product guarantees:

Certification of products from sustainable agriculture and farming

The Friend of the Sea logo on a product guarantees:

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